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Inventing Knowledge – Podcast

Second episode!
Please check out the newest episode of #Inventingknowledge podcast and webcast hosted by Our Centre. This time we’ll listen to Francesco Trupia, PhD about his fascinating studies on the post-memory in Balkan and Eastern-European states, how it influences the political life of those nations and why in general it is such an important topic to research. Brett Buttliere, PhD will be the host as per usual.
You can check it out on YouTube and most major podcast streaming platforms:

We have a podcast!

We cordially invite you to check out the first episode of #InventingKnowledge podcast hosted by our Centre in which you can hear about the research implemented here. Our host, Brett Buttliere, PhD, speaks with another postdoctoral fellow, Michael Pleyer, PhD. They talk about Michael’s research on the evolution of language in children, and how the field is changing in the last few years as well as share some anecdotes about living in Toruń and working at NCU.
You can check it out on most major streaming platforms:
If you prefer a visual format, please visit our YouTube channel.