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Inventing Knowledge – Seminars

Remember that on 08.06.2021, at 1 pm, the #InventingKnowledge seminar will take place. This time Yulia Fomina, PhD, will have a lecture entitled: Community Supported Agriculture: a bibliometric analysis, systematic literature review and future research agenda. Here’s a link: https://vc.umk.pl/b/mic-pch-pmf.

Anupam Singh, PhD
Tackling food security and environmental sustainability simultaneously: A global challenge
Watch here: https://vc.umk.pl/b/mic-pch-pmf

Francesco Trupia, PhD
Under the Shadow of the (Oriental) Posts: Semi/Peripheral Epistemologies and Minority Identities from Bulgaria
Watch here: https://vc.umk.pl/b/mic-pch-pmf

Michael Pleyer, PhD
The Evolution and Foundations of the Interaction-, Language, and Construction-Ready Brain
Watch here: https://vc.umk.pl/b/mic-pch-pmf

Svetlana Shnaider, PhD
Initial human colonization of the Roof of the World (Pamir Mountains)
Watch here: https://vc.umk.pl/b/mic-pch-pmf


08.06.2021 – Prof. Yulia Fomina
05.10.2021 – Atif Khan, PhD
26.10.2021 – Brett Buttliere, PhD
09.11.2021 – Johan Blomberg, PhD