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1. The head of the Centre of Excellence IMSErt, prof. Adam Kola, prepared a text “Memory Studies for the Future. Remembering (COVID-19) as Survival Value” about memory as a survival value for the community in the context of COVID 19. The paper was published on the blog of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF), Institute for Advanced Studies, the member of the UBIASnetwork. ZiF works on a project devoted to the world after pandemic and it is an honor to be a part of it! We encourage you to read this text as well as the blog!

2. Still so much interest in the article of Magdalena Krajcarz, PhD and her colleagues devoted to the history of domestic cats! You can read about it on the following websites:

3. National Geographic informs about the article devoted to the history of domestic cats. Authors of this text are Magdalena Krajcarz, PhD and Magdalena Sudoł-Procyk from our Centre and their colleagues. The article is entitled Ancestors of domestic cats in Neolithic Central Europe: Isotopic evidence of a synanthropic diet and can be read HERE.

Info provided by National Geographic, you will find HERE.